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organic wines

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The value they recognize us

Awards and acknowledgments

The care and commitment we put into making our wines
has led us to achieve recognition from important companies in the sector.

Organic viticulture: why?

Our organic wines

We have practiced certified organic viticulture and wine production since 1993: embracing a conscious and responsible commitment to protect and preserve the precious ecosystem Villa Bogdano 1880 is the guardian of.

We employ state-of-the-art technical equipment, innovative and environmentally responsible practices in the vineyards and in the winemaking process. This allows us  to improve efficiency and protect our environment, including the ancient and delicate lowland forest, and to create a nurturing habitat for wildlife and a welcoming place for on-site staff and visiting guests.

Organic viticulture: why?

Organic wines: our approach

Our wines

We produce organic wines exclusively from our vineyards, in a sustainable environment, to protect the health of our consumers.

The use of precious farmer’s wisdom, tradition, culture and modern technologies allow us to enhance the distinctive character of the grapes we produce. Our wines encapsulate our passion and are the expression of the land we take care of every day.